Celine x Cupid's F1 Pomskies born Aug 25, 2019

We are blessed with beautiful litter of first generation pomskies out of Celine and Cupid. We have 3 boys and 3 girls. They be ready to go home Oct. 19, 2019. Follow our facebook page for more live updates and videos. http://www.facebook.com/pomskyFL 


We used a brand new stud for this next litter named Cupid. He is AKC Blue and Tan Parti Pure Bred Pomeranian. He was formerly used by Lollipop Pomskies as one of their main stud. He had produced many beautiful puppies in past here some of his past puppies below.


Celine is our very own and she was with us since she was 8 weeks old and we got her from one of best wooly husky breeder named KeeperofStarsHuskie. She has been health and DNA tested. She wont best Founddation with IPA show 2018. She very sweet and only 35 lbs and very petite for pure bred Siberian Husky.

Cupid's past puppies

Here some of Cupid's beautiful puppies in the past with Lollipop Pomskies in Utah.

Celine's Past Puppies

Here some of Celine's past puppies.